New Lego Star Wars Special Features Darth Jar Jar

Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Lego
Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Lego

The silly and popular online Star Wars fan theory that Jar Jar Binks was actually a secret Sith manipulating the events of the prequel trilogy is officially...still not canon. But a newly announced (and non-canonical) Lego mini-series will feature the evil version of Jar Jar, complete with red lightsaber and evil voice.

Announced on May 6 (and not May 4, for some reason) Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy is an upcoming four-part, Lego miniseries that will feature familiar characters, locations, and ships from the franchise, but twisted into new and remixed creations. For example, X-Wings and TIE Fighters are now mixed together to form TIE-Wings. Another example: Darth Jar Jar—a red lightsaber-wielding villain voiced by original Binks actor Ahmed Best.

In the trailer, an old classic yellow Lego minifig Jedi is talking to the main characters about some event that has completely destroyed and rebuilt the Lego Star Wars universe. Now Ewoks are bounty hunters, the Geonosians are Jedi, and the Rebels have AT-ATs. Up is down, down is up, and things are getting weird in a way I am very happy about. Star Wars is often unwilling to do weird stuff with its characters and I’m happy to see some non-canon shenanigans.

Of course, the biggest moment in the trailer—the moment that everyone will be talking about—is at the end when Darth Jar Jar shows up and says: “Mesa gonna hurt yousa.” Another character screams: “DARTH JAR JAR!”, seemingly confirming that yes, Lucasfilm is directly referencing the popular online fan theory of the same name.

The full theory is far too long and silly to get into here, but the gist of it is that Jar Jar was secretly the evil mastermind behind the events of the prequel saga and helped put Sidious in power and assisted in the destruction of the Jedi. And while Darth Jar Jar’s appearance in this new mini-series is very funny, I need to stress: This isn’t canon. Have your fun, but don’t assume this is some big retcon of the prequels. It’s just a silly Lego adventure, okay?

Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy arrives on September 13 on Disney+.


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