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Rare Lego deals for Cyber Monday 2023 -- save on Harry Potter, Star Wars and more

Plus, the Lego Avengers Tower set is now available.

Lego kit
Much like their titular building blocks, these Lego deals just click. (Amazon)

Cyber Monday sales are in full gear today and that includes some awesome deals on toys your kids will absolutely love, including a ton of Lego sets. These include both kid favorites, as well as more adult-focused builds from franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney and more. And for the real Lego enthusiasts, there are architecture- and gardening-focused sets that require deeper focus to build — they're display pieces more than toys.

Quick overview
  • Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express – Collectors' Edition

    Save $150
  • Lego Super Mario Donkey Kong’s Tree House

    Save $12
  • Lego The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell

    Save $48
  • Lego Icons Optimus Prime Transformers Figure Set

    Save $28
  • Lego Icons Succulents Artificial Plants Set

    Save $10
  • Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter Set

    Save $3
  • Lego Ideas BTS Dynamite Model Kit

    Save $35
  • Lego Icons Orchid

    Save $10
  • Lego Ideas Tree House

    Save $26
  • Lego 'Star Wars' Spider Tank

    Save $10
  • Lego 'Harry Potter' Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

    Save $20
  • Lego Icons 'Back to the Future' Time Machine

    Save $40
  • Lego Icons Atari 2600 Building Set

    Save $48
  • Lego Disney and Pixar ‘Up’ House

    Save $12
  • Lego 'Minecraft' Abandoned Mine Building Toy

    Save $4
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Save big on your favorite picks, or pick up the much anticipated, awe-inspiring Lego Avengers Tower (sadly not on sale, but available for purchase!) Lego sets practically hold their value better than gold and rarely go on sale — but this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, retailers across the board have dropped prices by as much as 35% percent. Be warned, you may need to veer from your holiday list to indulge yourself a bit. But what's more wholesome than a Lego gift to self? Check out our picks for the best Lego post-Black Friday deals below.

So you think you love Harry Potter? The biggest fans of the franchise will be enamored by this Hogwarts Express replica. With more than 5,000 pieces, you'll build this train once then display it for life. 

$350 at Amazon

This 555-piece set is fun and interactive and comes with two collectible figures from the Donkey Kong and Mario franchises that fans new and old will adore. 

$48 at Amazon

Bring the live action Little Mermaid to life with this wildly intricate clamshell Lego build. Great for adults and kids who love building intense designs and have an affinity for the film!

$112 at Amazon

With just over 1,500 pieces, this 18+ Lego set is designed for master builders. Take on a challenging build that allows you to transform between Optimus Prime in his truck and transformer mode. 

$152 at Amazon

Bring a calming, elegant beauty to your Lego display with this No. 1 bestselling Botanical Collection Succulents set. This 771-piece build isn't overly difficult, but it utilizes color and shapes to create an attractive end result that would make a great centerpiece this holiday season. 

"Beautiful! Such a great item to add to your decor in your home or office," one reviewer said.

$40 at Amazon

This 474-piece set has everything you need to sink into the cockpit of an X-Wing fighter — including mini-figures of Princess Leia, R2D2 and Luke Skywalker himself.

$37 at Target

Got a hardcore K-Pop fan in your life? This set makes the perfect gift. It comes with figures of all seven members of the band: RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook. 

One mom said, "Purchased this as a gift for my mega BTS fan daughter, who also likes Lego, and it was a big hit! She assembles a lot of Lego, even so, this is an easy assembly for someone who has never put together Lego ever before. Everything about this set is great."

$65 at Amazon

This No. 1 bestselling 608-piece set is absolutely beautiful to behold and even more fun to put together — and this is the lowest price it's ever been on Amazon. Talk about a conversation-starting dining-table centerpiece.

"I love this Lego set! It’s a cute addition to my growing PC desk setup. It will add a nice flair to any corner you place it on. It took me like 2.5-3 hours to build, very easy! It’s also great that I can display flowers without worrying about them dying on me. There were no missing pieces, instructions were really clear and the Lego set is just beautiful!" one five-star shopper wrote

$40 at Amazon

With more than 3,000 pieces in all, this set isn't one you're likely to knock out in a day, but once finished, it'll look great and give out some serious Swiss Family Robinson vibes. It even comes with yellow and orange leaf patterns that you can swap out for the also-included green ones. (Behold the fall foliage without getting up from your living room floor!) 

"My son got this for Christmas and he spent about 12 hours building it. The instruction book is huge. He loves this set so much. He has grand plans to use it to make stop-motion videos and all kinds of things. The set has so many little details when you start looking at it. Each room has little details like flooring, decorations and more. ... Well worth the money so far," said one parent.

$224 at Amazon

No one can argue with the fact that some of the coolest Lego sets out there are part of the Star Wars universe, and this 561-piece kit from The Mandalorian backs that up. Also awesome: This is the lowest price ever for this set at Amazon! 

One fan said, "This nod to one of my favorite episodes was a fun build, very different from standard sets. I only wish it had a creepy eyeball. Ha ha. Love the Darksaber too! The minifigs are a great bonus"

$40 at Amazon

Is that Draco Malfoy in the corner? This 971-piece set features the iconic Hogwarts building as well as fan-favorite characters such as Luna Lovegood, Professor Slughorn and (of course) Harry, Ron and Hermione. 

"Thrilling gift for a fan of Harry Potter," one five-star reviewer said. "My 5-year-old grandson is obsessed with Harry Potter and loves this set. He tackled it immediately and, with a little assistance from his father, completed the entire castle."

$80 at Amazon

Calling all movie buffs: The DeLorean from Back to the Future is available in Lego form! It includes 1,872 pieces and is intended for adults (18+), so take note: This is not an easy build. Once assembled, you could try fashioning a motor and taking it up to 88 miles per hour, but we claim no responsibility for what happens. 

"As a lifelong fan of the Back to the Future trilogy, the Lego Icons Back to the Future Time Machine set was an absolute dream come true. From the moment I laid eyes on the box, a wave of nostalgia washed over me, and I was instantly transported back to the countless hours I spent as a child, and as an adult, lost in the world of Marty McFly and Doc Brown," said one happy shopper.

$160 at Amazon

If you're old enough to recognize this set, then you're old enough to build it (and hopefully, have a good enough job to afford it). Coming in at a whopping 2,532 pieces, the Atari 2600 is a complicated yet fun build that ends with a lot of nostalgia-inducing pieces that are perfect in a game room. 

One impressed dad said, "So much fun for our family to build and much better than a puzzle. I'm very happy with accuracy of everything."

$192 at Amazon

If your favorite movies always start with a lamp jumping on the letter i, then pay attention: You can build the house from Up! With "only" 598 pieces, this set is buildable even for younger kids, and the end result will become a gorgeous, colorful household fixture. 

One fan gushed: "What an amazing Lego set! Lots of detail in tiny places! Only changes I think would have made it better are adding Ellie's chair and making a customized mailbox with a print of Ellie and Carl's handprints and names like in the movie. For its smallish size, it is jam-packed with items that fit in with the movie. For the price, it's an exceptional value and one of the cutest sets ever! A must-have for any age!"

$48 at Amazon

Lego and Minecraft are a match made in heaven — they're both blocky and both appeal to kids. This popular kit has only 248 pieces. It's a short enough build that it can be completed in a single session, and it's the absolute lowest price you'll find on Amazon.

"Hey there, looks like you've stumbled upon the ultimate combination of childhood dreams — Lego and Minecraft! And guess what? It's not just any old set, it's great for building! Who would've thought? But seriously, this set is so interactive and fun to put together that you might just forget about the real world for a while. So go ahead, let your inner child loose and get building!" said one of the nearly 9,000 five-star shoppers

$16 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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