New Lego Set Is Filled With Awesome Secrets

Screenshot: Just2Good / Lego
Screenshot: Just2Good / Lego

An upcoming Lego Monkie Kid set featuring a large city might be one of the coolest things of 2024 thanks to all the deep-cut secrets hidden throughout the build. Old-school Lego nerds, this one’s for you.

Recently, Lego showed off some of its upcoming January 2024 sets to influencers and online content creators. One of these sets, Megalopolis City, is the latest entry in the popular Monkie Kid theme. This upcoming city set is meant to celebrate the theme’s fifth anniversary and does that for sure, but it also includes a ton of references and Easter eggs that go beyond the Monkie Kid theme. It’s like a weird, secret love letter to decades of Lego history and I’m not complaining.

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Another poster found in the Monkie Kid city set is a callback to the 1970s Homemaker theme which was designed by Lego to appeal primarily to girls and featured non-minifig brick-built figures.

Screenshot: Just2Good / Lego
Screenshot: Just2Good / Lego

Other cool secrets Lego pointed out to the content creators who saw the set early include: a RoboRaiders canister inside a vending machine, a brick-built callback to the Lego duck toy, a small reference to the Duplo Toolo theme, and a sticker featuring the TimeCruisers logo. Also, Lego reportedly told the folks who saw the set early that there is a secret Bionicle reference somewhere in the city, too.

Of course, most kids who build and play with this set will not care at all about these references to old Lego sets from the past. This is all stuff for the Lego nerds out there and I’m here for it. I probably won’t buy this set, but I might track down some of these stickers and pieces separately after it’s out.

The Lego Monkie Kid Megapolis City 5th Anniversary set will be available on January 1, 2024. It contains 2330 pieces and will cost $190.

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