Lego Horizon Adventures announced for Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PC

 A screenshot of LEGO Horizon Adventures.
A screenshot of LEGO Horizon Adventures.

It’s finally here: Summer Game Fest 2024 is officially underway and new game announcements are coming in fast. The first game to be revealed in the live event was Lego Horizon Adventures, a Lego take on the hugely popular Horizon franchise that is being developed in a collaboration between Guerrilla Games and Studio Gobo.

Unlike its inspiration, Lego Horizon Adventures is a light-hearted top down adventure rather than a sprawling third-person open-world action title. It will feature a world made entirely of Lego bricks and populated by mysterious roaming machines. In a retelling of the plot of Horizon Zero Dawn, the game’s hero, Aloy, is found in a cave as a baby by the outcast hunter Rost who raises and mentors her.

As an adult, she discovers a mysterious ancient hologram that guides her on a dangerous quest across the land. It was described by Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley as a “playful, light-hearted story inspired by the world of Horizon” that has been designed with a focus on two player co-op via both split screen and online play.

The announcement trailer showed some of this co-op in action, with two characters working together to defeat a giant mechanical boss. It also gave us an early look at some of the game’s customization which will allow you to decorate the in-game village of Mother’s Heart and choose from a wide range of amusing outfits for your avatar. You can see the trailer for yourself below.

A release window has been officially confirmed, with the game set to arrive during the holiday period later this year. In a rather unprecedented decision for a Sony first-party published title, the game is set to launch on not only PlayStation 5, but also Nintendo Switch and PC.

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