‘Leggiest millipede on Earth’ discovered in Australia

The “leggiest millipede on Earth” has been discovered

The new species has 1,306 legs

It’s the first millipede with over 1,000 legs to be discovered

BENNELONGIA ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS BIOLOGIST, BRUNO BUZATTO: "I was instantly mind-blown by the fact that it was clearly the leggiest millipede on Earth. I could tell straight away. It took us ages to know the exact number of legs because it's a very tiny animal but it looked like it was something special straight away."

It was discovered in an area of Western Australia

where miners dig for gold and other minerals

The species was found in 2020 but only recently publicized

BIOLOGIST AT BENNELONGIA ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS, BRUNO BUZATTO: "What I'd like to say, and I think is quite cool, is that the name millipede was always biologically inaccurate because no millipede had actually a thousand legs as the name suggests and now we just made the name accurate which is kind of cool."

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