"Legend of Zhen Huan" director is back with new series

24 Nov – Mainland director Zheng Xiaolong is poised to have another hit drama via his comeback series, "North and South".

The director, whose last drama was the 2016 Sun Li starrer, "The Legend of Mi Yue", recently unveiled the lineup for the new drama, and looking from the list, it seems that the drama is ready for the awards season.

Among the actors involved include Bai Jingting, most known for series like "The Whirlwind Girl" "The Rise of Phoenixes" and the movie, "Yesterday Once More".

Bai Jingting to play the lead
Bai Jingting to play the lead

He will be joined by Gina Jin of "Wu Xin: The Monster Killer" fame, as well as veteran actor Ding Yongdai of "Nirvana on Fire" fame.

Others include Zuo Xiaoqing and Liu Jun.

According to Douban, the upcoming series revolves around two railroad policemen, the young Wang Xin and a veteran Ma Kui, as they crack down on abductions, robbery and fraud, gangsters, and solving major and minor cases for decades.

Zheng is known for his many hit dramas, with "The Legend of Zhen Huan" becoming one of the biggest period dramas of the 2010s.

'The Legend of Zhen Huan' was one of Zheng's biggest hits
'The Legend of Zhen Huan' was one of Zheng's biggest hits

(Photo Source: China Times)