Who has left I’m a Celebrity 2022 so far?

Chris Moyles has become the sixth person to be voted off of I’m a Celebrity.

Hosts Ant and Dec announced that the comedian had received the fewest “votes to save” from the public on Thursday (24 November).

His departure follows that of Babatunde Aleshe on Wednesday (23 November). The comedian lasted 19 days in the jungle.

Aleshe’s departure was preceded by the elimination of Culture Club singer Boy George, who left on Tuesday (22 November).

Before them, Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver, broadcaster Charlene White and A Place in the Sun presenter Scarlette Douglas were sent home.

In his post-elimination interview, Moyles told Ant and Dec that he was “gutted that he was less popular than Matt Hancock”.

The presenter said he managed to cope with the challenge of living with Hancock by “seperating Matt Hancock from Matt”.

“Matt Hancock, I have major issues with. Matt? Less issues,” said Moyles.

 (Shutterstock / ITV)
(Shutterstock / ITV)

Asked how he fared coping with the politician’s controversial entry to the series, Moyles said he “really struggled with it, to be fair”.

Boy George had also spoken in his exit interview about his feelings regarding Hancock’s presence in the camp.

When Aleshe left, he told Ant and Dec that he “needed” his “freedom”. He also said he hoped Hollyoaks star Owen Warner would win the show.

When actor Sue Cleaver left, she sang the praises of her “jungle husband” Mike Tindall and expressed her desire for Lioness football star Jill Scott to win the competition during her exit interview with Ant and Dec.

During her time on the show, Cleaver told the extraordinary story of how she came to be reunited with her birth mother.

 (James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock)
(James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock)

The 59-year-old said that on her first day of production at a play in Manchester, she was approached by a fellow actor who said: “Oh my god, she’s the absolute double of my wife when I met her.” The man then asked for her date of birth.

Cleaver said the man then asked where she was born, and when she replied “Barnet”, the man rung his wife and he said: “I’ve found her.”

Douglas, meanwhile, left on Sunday 20 November, and was visibly tearful on hearing that she had been eliminated.


Her departure came just after she had been instrumental in securing the letters from home for her fellow campmates.

Douglas’s letter from her mum had said: “G’day Scarlette, I am so proud of you doing your trial, while encouraging your jungle buddies, especially Baba [Aleshe]. Real teamwork. The kids are loving watching their Aunty Shar in the jungle and we are obviously all sooooo proud of you.”

The star said she had wanted Aleshe, who she had become close with on the show, to win.

During her time in the series, Loose Women presenter White – who had become camp leader – refused to share the RV with camp leader Matt Hancock because he is a “sitting MP” and she did not want anything to affect her role as an impartial journalist.

White, however, said that she “got on well” with Hancock in day-to-day life.

I’m a Celebrity continues nightly on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.