Lee: People will benefit from the 'Perak move'

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Lee: People will benefit from the 'Perak move'
Lee: People will benefit from the 'Perak move'

Perakians will see dividends from Pakatan Harapan's backing of Umno's effort to oust Ahmad Faizal Azumu as menteri besar, said DAP Youth chief Howard Lee.

This, he said, can be seen with several key reforms introduced by the newly constituted government.

"We admit that on the surface, Harapan looked like it was defeated. But we are comforted that it is the people who benefit, especially those in opposition areas," Lee said.

Among the changes already made by new Menteri Besar Saarani Mohamad's state administration is the setting of RM200,000 in equal allocation for all 59 assemblypersons, which Lee said can be used to resolve constituency-level problems in 2021.

There will also be bi-partisanship in district action committees (JTD), district poverty-eradication focus groups and district disaster management committees, he added.

According to Lee, the state government had also agreed to amend the legislative assembly Standing Orders to allow the Public Accounts Committee head to be appointed among opposition lawmakers.

The new Perak state government was also recognising the role of the state opposition leader and has budgeted a sum for this office next year.

Lee said these were among key institutional reforms pursued by Harapan that had now become reality.

"Perakians will see more efficiency from their state representative in solving their problems.

"There is also some changes and evolution to politics in general," he added.

The Pasir Pinji assemblyperson urged Harapan supporters to remain clam and that recent decisions undertaken by Perak Harapan were executed based on principles.

When contacted for clarification, Lee said Perak Harapan had planned to amend the Standing Orders mid-term, but the Harapan-administration was ousted earlier this year.

On Dec 4, Lee had supported a confidence motion on Faizal's leadership that was brought by an Umno assemblyperson.

After Faizal was ousted, there were attempts to form an Umno-Harapan coalition government but negotiations fell apart.