Lee Majors Became Friends with Ryan Gosling While Filming “Fall Guy” Cameo: 'Really Good Vibes' (Exclusive)

Here's what happened when ‘Fall Guy’ TV star Lee Majors met ‘Fall Guy’ movie star Ryan Gosling

<p>Ruby Wallau/Getty; Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage</p> (Left-right:) Ryan Gosling on Jan. 13; Lee Majors in 2016

Ruby Wallau/Getty; Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

(Left-right:) Ryan Gosling on Jan. 13; Lee Majors in 2016

Ryan Gosling and Lee Majors have more in common than just the name of their character in The Fall Guy.

While filming the new movie’s — spoiler alert! — mid-credits cameo, Majors, 85, the star of the 1981 -86 Fall Guy TV series, says he and Gosling bonded over both having “really good vibes.”

“You can't help but be friends with him,” Majors says of Gosling, 43. “I think we gave off really good vibes between each other. We're both kind of laid back.”

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He quips, “I would say he's cool. He kept saying I was cool, so I guess we were cool.”

Gosling’s new movie adaptation of Majors’ hit series about a stuntman, directed by David Leitch and written by Drew Pearce, includes a late scene in which Majors and his Fall Guy costar Heather Thomas appear as law enforcement to arrest the villains of the story.

The Six Million Dollar Man star tells PEOPLE that — other than the scene’s mid-credits placement meaning “a lot of people are starting to get up and leave” — he loved everything about their cameo.

“When I was doing The Fall Guy, I liked to put humor in there whenever I could,” he recalls. “And that came through, a lot of humor in this movie. It's an action movie, but it has a love story that threads all the way through.”

<p>American Broadcasting Companies via Getty </p> Heather Thomas and Lee Majors in 'The Fall Guy' TV series

American Broadcasting Companies via Getty

Heather Thomas and Lee Majors in 'The Fall Guy' TV series

In fact, the romantic comedy dynamic between Gosling and costar Emily Blunt, says Majors, “was just fantastic. It was mesmerizing just watching them.”

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The direction from Leitch, a former stuntman known for such action-packed hits as John Wick and Atomic Blonde, also gets two thumbs up from Majors: “He was a big fan of the show. So I knew the action would be covered.”

Leitch and his wife and producing partner Kelly McCormick “are such sweet people,” adds Majors. “I was just so proud of them. I think they made a great film.”

Fans can expect future collaborations between Majors and his fan-turned-director, too. “David told me, ‘I'm going to use you in all my films from now on!’ I'd be happy to do anything for David and Kelly.”

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<p>Eric Laciste/Universal Pictures</p> (Left-right:) Ryan Gosling, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ben Jenkin, Logan Holladay, Justin Eaton and David Leitch on the set of 'The Fall Guy'

Eric Laciste/Universal Pictures

(Left-right:) Ryan Gosling, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ben Jenkin, Logan Holladay, Justin Eaton and David Leitch on the set of 'The Fall Guy'

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As for Gosling’s work as both The Fall Guy’s leading man and producer, Majors says, “what a tremendous job he did.”

The longtime action star knows the physical effort required of Gosling throughout the movie — even with the help of his team of trusted stunt performers

“Having done the series, I know that any time a stuntman does the job — maybe jumping through a window or something — you still got to do a little bit of the landing, so they can cut to you. And those are not easy chores to do, and you can tell [Gosling] did a lot of that stuff.”

Majors adds with a wince, “I bet he was sore every day.”

Among Majors' upcoming screen projects are Spring Break '83, Florida Wild and The Great American Action Hero.

The Fall Guy is in theaters now.

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