Lee Jinglei hopes to put an end to Wang Leehom scandal

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27 Dec – A week after exposing her ex-husband Wang Leehom for his affairs during their marriage, Lee Jinglei announced that she would like to put an end to the brouhaha.

In her final letter posted on Instagram, Jinglei stated that she was left with no choice when she made the decision to expose Leehom, as she had tried everything she could think of to gain a sincere apology from the singer.

"Yes, an apology is very important, because if you can't admit your own problem and keep blaming other people for your mistakes, you will never be able to feel regret, to change, or to correct yourself," she wrote.

Jinglei and Leehom have three children
Jinglei and Leehom have three children

As for the house that Leehom offered to her in his apology statement earlier, Jinglei said that she did not publicise the singer's wrongdoings for money or assets.

"I believe in legal justice, and therefore I trust the legal system will give a fair result that divides the appropriate properties entitled to me and the children," she explained.

In the same statement, Jinglei also apologised to everybody who was dragged into the scandal, and urged the public to avoid cyberbullying.

"I hope we can all soothe our hearts, live peacefully, and become the change we wish to see," she added.

During happier times
During happier times

(Photo Source: Lee Jinglei Instagram)

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