Lebanon crisis pushes woman from banking to baking

STORY: Lebanon's economic crisis pushed

this woman to open up a bakery

run entirely by women

Location: Bekfaya, Lebanon

Jinane Hayek worked in the banking sector

but her branch closed, like many others

due to Lebanon's economic meltdown

(Jinane Hayek, Bakery Owner)

“They say I lost my job due to the crisis. I don’t consider that I lost. On the contrary, the experience I gained in 28 years of working in the banking sector empowered me. I got to a point where I can open a business without hesitation. Also, because of the situation and stress we were in, someone else wouldn't do it, but I had the courage to do it because I am the type of person who doesn't like to sit still. I had already prepared this plan and it came at the right time."

Hayek only employs women

and the shop's name, ‘Neswen El Furn’

translates to ‘women of the bakery’

(Claude Hayek, Relative)

“She is helping others too. Other women, who have nothing to do or would love to work, are coming and Jinane is encouraging women to take the decision and work with her. This is a very good sign, all women should be motivated to work with no shame.”