Lebanese Security Forces Turn Water Cannon on Protesters

Lebanese security forces turned water cannon on crowds of protesters gathered in front of the Grand Serail, the headquarters of the country’s prime minister, in Beirut on Saturday evening, January 25.

Reports from the location showed protesters trying to rip open gates that had been installed around the government headquarters. Footage shared with Storyful by Michel Abi Rached showed security forces firing water cannon in response, drenching protesters, some of whom held flares or returned fire with small rocks.

Demonstrations against the government and Lebanon’s entrenched elite began in the fall of 2019 and flared again this month. Protesters have been undeterred by the announcement of a new government.

According to Amnesty International, hundreds have been injured in clashes. The group called on security forces to be reined in. Credit: @michelarached via Storyful