Lebanese medical students tutor to fund soaring tuition

STORY: These medical students are tutoring

children to help cover soaring tuition fees

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

‘The Medical Campaign’ was founded

by student Jad Boustani in 2021

(Jad Boustani, Founder)

"We started (The Medical Campaign) because our (tuition fees at) universities were getting dollarized while our parents were still getting paid in Lebanese pounds. There was a lot of gap between what we pay and what we earn."

Boustani started with online

classes for one child in Qatar

"After we had 100 students the first month, I reached out to medical student friends in other universities telling them what happened with me. We all got excited, created a small group and started the classes. We started with classes (for children) in 20 countries, we now have 26 countries."

The ‘social enterprise’ now offers

a variety of in-person workshops

and supports more than 30 medical students