Lebanese gift bouquets of cash amid financial crisis

STORY: These money bouquets are an alternative to high-priced flowers

for Lebanese people living in the cash-strapped country

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Tamara Hariri makes the bouquets out of Lebanese pounds and U.S. dollar bills

(Tamara Hariri, Entrepreneur) “I thought that maybe flowers don’t work as much anymore due to their high prices, so I wanted to do something similar to flowers. Of course, there is no substitute to flowers but maybe it is better than offering a flower bouquet, which can cost today 2 or 1.5 million (Lebanese pounds), people can give money and help the person, be it on their birthday or any other occasion.”

Lebanon has been rocked by a full-blown economic crisis since October 2019

The currency has crashed more than 90%

and about 80% of Lebanon's inhabitants now live below the poverty line

“I believe this (helping each other) is very important in Lebanon, maybe that’s where the idea came from, to help each other, start having gifts, money that can help people, maybe students, university students, employees. I am certain that this will spread all over Lebanon, in a way that people might even take this idea and start their own thing, because it not only generates profit for us but it also helps the people receiving the gift."

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