Lebanese architects turn to saffron production

STORY: These Lebanese architects have turned to producing saffron

to cope with the country's economic crisis

Location: Hizzine, Lebanon

Karl Karam and Jihad Farah started to produce the costly spice in 2020

(Jihad Farah, Architect and saffron producer)

“During this ongoing crisis we are facing, agriculture may be one of the solutions. Why saffron planting? Because this land can produce saffron and it is an item, a produce of quality with which we can compete internationally. It is a new product (in Lebanon). Historically, they used to say that saffron does not grow in Lebanon but this is a common mistake. Some research we did showed that we can produce saffron and we can produce saffron of very high quality. This is proven in labs, it is our second year of production."

Lebanon has been grappling with a deep economic crisis since 2019

forcing many Lebanese to emigrate abroad

But others, like Farah, are trying to find a reason to stay

(Jihad Farah, Architect and saffron producer)

“I have traveled to more than 50 countries around the world and I have never imagined I would be planting and picking saffron or any other item. We had a very good lifestyle but I also love this country, I love Lebanon and I honestly want to stay in Lebanon.”