At least two killed when Myanmar police open fire on protesters

Police in Myanmar opened fire on protesters in Mandalay today (February 20) killing at least two protesters and injuring several others, according to emergency workers. Villagers protesting against the military coup in the country tried to stop a ship leaving the Yadanarbon Jetty – part of a nationwide campaign of unrest which started after the military ousted Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1. Police then allegedly retaliated with rubber bullets and live rounds. Gunshots and automatic weapons fire can be heard in a chaotic video filmed today. Some locals fired slingshots at the security forces and objects were thrown at them. The video filmer said he witnessed people being shot and heard at least 15 rounds fired. Onlookers said that at least seven people were injured – some seriously – with pools of blood seen on the ground. ‘The situation was intense,’ said the photographer who recorded the video Locals said the confrontation was sparked after staff from a shipping company joined the Civil Disobedience Movement – a nationwide attempt to force the government to release Aung San Suu Kyi – but were this morning forced to return to work. There was a confrontation shortly afterwards before reinforcements of police and military trucks arrived at the scene and chaos followed, with shots being fired.