At Least Two Injured When Semi-Truck Crosses Median, Crashes Into Trees Near Cincinnati

At least two people were injured in a traffic incident on Interstate 71 near Lebanon, Ohio – northeast of Cincinnati – when a semi-truck drove across a median before hitting several trees that struck other vehicles.

According to a statement from Ohio State Highway Patrol provided to local media, the semi-truck briefly drove against oncoming traffic after crossing the median and hit several trees that struck at least two other vehicles.

Footage of the incident’s aftermath was captured and posted on Twitter by local Warren County resident Sophia Ball.

“I must have just missed the wreck by seconds,” Ball told Storyful.

“Multiple bystanders’ cars were pulled over on the right side, and multiple people got out to help,” she added. “At this point no cops were there or anything, so people were finding a way to go around in the grass.”

The incident was still under investigation at the time of writing. Credit: Sophia Ball via Storyful

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