At least two dead in Fiji after cyclone Yasa

Authorities in Fiji said on Friday (December 18) that at least two people have died in the aftermath of Cyclone Yasa, including a three-month old baby.

The top category five storm made landfall over the Pacific Island nation Thursday evening. Its torrential rains and almost 200 mile per hour winds left a trail of destruction and caused widespread flooding.

In a video posted on Facebook, Fiji's Prime Minister said almost 100,000 Fijians were affected and the island expects hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

Authorities said they were scrambling to help affected communities, but waves more than 10 feet high have prevented rescue missions from reaching the more vulnerable islands in the north.

Scores of houses have been destroyed, while power was cut to some areas and roads blocked by fallen trees and flash flooding.

Fiji declared a state of natural disaster on Thursday and a nighttime curfew remains in place, as there are still concerns about heavy rains.

Yasa is now a category two storm moving south across the island chain.