At Least One Dead and 'Hundreds' Displaced After Rockville Apartments Hit by Flooding

A man has died, one person remains missing, and hundreds have been displaced after Tropical Depression Ida brought flash flooding to Rockville, Maryland, in the early hours of September 1.

The Rockville City Police Department said an apartment complex on Congressional Lane was struck by “massive flooding,” with more rain and storms expected as Ida passes through the area.

Fire Chief Scott Goldstein told 7News that around 200 people from 60 apartments have been pushed out of their homes due to the flooding. Goldstein also said the water was so high it almost reached the ceiling in some apartments.

Ida brought dangerous storm surges and widespread flooding to the US after it made landfall on August 29, while powerful winds caused damage and power outages.

At least six prior deaths have been attributed to the storm. Credit: Rockville City Police Department via Storyful

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