At least 29 dead after horror bus crash in Peru

Twisted metal - and shattered glass.

That's whats left of a bus that took a deadly plunge in the Peruvian Andes on Tuesday, killing more than two dozen people after it careened off a highway.

One survivor recalled the harrowing moments before the plunge.

"The bus started to zig-zag, and the passengers were asking the driver to stop, but it kept on going. The only thing I did was to hold on to my seat with my partner, we held on tight."

Local media cited police saying some 63 passengers were aboard.

The crash happened near the town of Matucana, along Peru's Central Highway.

It's the second incident in a matter of days involving a bus plunging off a road in Peru.

On Friday, another bus carrying mining workers also fell off a cliff in a different part of the Andes - and 16 people died.

The two incidents are unrelated.

But bus accidents like these are common along the Andes mountain range - with its dangerous roads overlooking tall cliffs.

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