At least 108 Indian couples marry at mass wedding

STORY: The ceremony, which is an annual event, was organized after two years of the pandemic, in the hilly district of Siliguri by Banbasi Kallyan Asram, an organization aimed at social welfare.

The event was attended by friends and relatives of the couples who danced to the beat of the drums.

These underprivileged couples cannot afford regular weddings which require them to feed the entire village. This results in them living together and raising children without getting married said a member of the organising committee. The mass wedding offers a means of having a wedding without the heavy financial bearings.

“It was my dream to get married but we are poor, so we never got the opportunity to have a big fat wedding.” said bride Kabita Logar. “It feels good to come here and have a nice wedding."

Conventionally, the family of the bride in India is expected to bear the expenses of a lavish wedding and also give dowry to the groom deemed as gifts to the bride which could be in cash or kind.

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