League of Legends: PSG Talon outlast CFO 3-2 to win PCS Spring Split 2022

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PSG Talon are the 2022 PCS Spring Champions. Photo: Riot Games
PSG Talon are the 2022 PCS Spring Champions. (Photo: Riot Games)

Hong Kong-based League of Legends (LoL) team PSG Talon have won the 2022 LoL Pacific Championship Series (PCS) Spring Championship title, after they outlasted Taiwan's CBTC Flying Oyster (CFO) 3-2 in the grand finals of the PCS Spring Playoffs on Sunday (17 April).

PSG Talon have now won three-straight PCS regional titles, bringing the organisation's total to four.

The team had a dominant run in the PCS Spring regular season, topping the standings with 16 wins and two losses. As a result, they secured a direct seed to the playoff semifinals.

PSG Talon swept Deep Cross Gaming 3-0 in the semifinals, but were then defeated by CFO 1-3 in their first encounter in the upper bracket finals.

The team went on to defeat J Team 3-2 in the lower bracket finals to earn their right to a revenge match against CFO in the grand finals.

In the first game of the grand finals, both CFO and PSG laned relatively peacefully with some unsuccessful ganks.

That changed at the 8-minute mark, when PSG secured first blood after a fight for the Rift Herald, with CFO trading kills in the bottom lane right after.

As the match went on, CFO’s lead snowballed, especially with Lin "Koala" Chih-Chiang's expert Nautilus support play. After a 36-minute encounter, CFO took the first game of the grand finals.

The second game was a slow burn with equal exchanges up until the 13-minute mark, when Wong "Unified" Chun Kit took first blood.

The game trudged on peacefully until the 31st minute, when PSG Talon won a heated teamfight at the Baron pit thanks to Su "Hanabi" Chia-Hsiang’s Ornn.

However, CFO’s Hsu "Rest" Shih-Chieh later found a way to disrupt PSG, shut down Hanabi and take four kills for his team. Heated exchanges erupted from there, but PSG took the upper hand and won the second game after a lengthy 44-minute encounter.

The action in game three picked up by the 8-minute mark with another fight for the Rift Herald, where CFO’s Rest took first blood before PSG traded a kill.

Rest, however, took another kill for himself and outplayed PSG, who were forced to disengage from the fight.

CFO found themselves ahead in the next teamfight, with Rest’s Volibear leading the charge. While CFO kept hunting for kills, PSG were content with taking map objectives all the while.

As a result, PSG found a way back to the game after another fight erupted in the mid lane, allowing them to take the Baron. Pressing the advantage, PSG then overtook CFO's gold lead by taking the dragon as well.

In less than 36 minutes, PSG took game three to build a commanding 2-1 lead.

With their backs against the wall, CFO bounced back and dominated game four. The Taiwanese squad took most of the map objectives and overpowered their opponents in all lanes and teamfights. PSG fought back, only to get trounced and cede more ground.

With PSG unable to catch up to their opponents, CFO tied up the series at 2-2 after 30 minutes of action and forced the finals to a deciding game five.

Both teams used the same drafts from the fourth game in the decider, with CFO once again taking the upper hand in the early game.

However, PSG turned the lead around in the midgame as they managed to overpower CFO in teamfights.

Despite CFO's best efforts, PSG snuffed out their chances of taking the championship by taking down their Nexus at the 30-minute mark.

With their victory, PSG Talon claimed the 2022 PCS Spring Split Championship along with the grand prize of US$30,000.

Meanwhile, CFO bowed out of the competition in second place, taking home US$14,000 in consolation.

PSG Talon will represent the PCS region at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), which will be hosted in Busan, South Korea in May. At the MSI, PSG will meet 10 other teams including South Korean powerhouse T1 and European juggernauts G2 Esports.

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