League of Legends kicks off Season 2022 with 'The Call' cinematic

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League of Legends (LoL) has kicked off its 2022 Season in style with the premiere of this year's cinematic, "The Call". 

This new season's cinematic also came with a new song of the same name sung by Edda Hayes, 2WEI, and Louis Leibfried. 

For this year, LoL developer Riot Games' cinematic team seems to have abandoned the smooth, cartoon-like depictions of the champions and replaced them with details that made them look natural, featuring spots, wrinkles, freckles, flowing strands of hair, and even scratches to armor. 

It felt as if the fans could live and breathe the game, as they were transported into Runeterra where they were met with jaw-dropping, realistic animation.

Accompanied by flawless cinematography and heavy dramatic music, it's sure to give any LoL fan goosebumps and encourage them to answer "The Call" to play and rise up the ranks, or climb other ladders of competition in the game.

But arguably the most exciting thing about the cinematic is the lore that everyone is about to get introduced to this year. 

The setting takes place in three parts of Runeterra: The Freljord, (somewhere along) Targon, and a region of Shurima dealing with the Void.

Unlike last year's theme "Ruination" and "Sentinels of Light", 2022's "The Call" seems to have three separate stories unfolding before the players' eyes.

The level of detail in The Call is breathtaking. (Photos: Riot Games)
The level of detail in The Call is breathtaking. (Photos: Riot Games)

The cinematic starts with the Ornn forging weapons deep in the mountains. Then we are introduced to each region and the conflict the champions faced against each other.

In Freljord, Sejuani, Olaf and their warriors faced a war against Volibear in a snowstorm. 

Meanwhile, Pantheon makes his way up the mountains to face the Aspects, where he was met by Leona, the Aspect of the Sun. 

And in Shurima, Kai'sa and Taliyah face monsters before a fearsome Rek'sai emerges gloriously from the depths of the Void.

This will probably mean that these three stories unfolding before us can equate to three different events across the year.

Rek’sai emerging from the Void in all her fearsome glory. (Photo: Riot Games)
Rek’sai emerging from the Void in all her fearsome glory. (Photo: Riot Games)

More specifically, League fans have long wished to explore the less popular regions in Runeterra. 

With the Void being included in this year's cinematic, it looks like Riot is ready to dive deeper into the depths of the unknown dark region.

What makes this even more exciting is that stories evolving around the Void can unfold into an event that can affect all regions of Runeterra because of the sheer destruction creatures from the Void can cause across the LoL world.

We can't wait for what else is in store for Season 2022. But, at the very least, while we wait, it looks like we'll be heeding "The Call" to play more on the Summoner's Rift.

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