Leaders From Different Industries Are Disrupting Online Search in 2023

As search engines, social media and data science continue to measure levels of influence online, innovative leaders and entrepreneurs have consistently stood out from millions of other people and companies competing for attention.

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), a platform that uses data science to identify and benchmark the influence of experts within specific fields, has identified 10 individuals across various industries and predicts that each will have a significant impact on online searches in 2023.

“Their innovative approaches and forward-thinking perspectives will disrupt the traditional search norms and drive the growth of new technologies. KOL expects that with the trends these people set, their respective industries will follow suit,” says Ana Codallo, the platform’s chief technology officer. “By breaking down traditional barriers and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, these pioneers are poised to make a lasting impact on the online search landscape in 2023 and beyond.”

Breaking the Mold in Media and Entertainment

Entrepreneur Manpreet Singh first created a social network platform for his classmates at the age of 12 when Facebook was not permitted for student usage. Years later, Singh went on to start businesses such as Hyland Media and the network-attached storage device company, Innokrats. After he entered the e-commerce industry in 2021, he rebranded his digital marketing company as the social media marketing and public relations agency, LUXC Media, to help brands and companies achieve their goals through digital marketing and PR. “My mission is to improve everyone’s quality of life, reform the education system, empower people and help solve the inequities in the world,” Singh says.

Social media has enormous influence on entertainment and commerce trends. Cole and Kelsea Moscatel have built their empire with Snob World, a luxury concierge company catering to celebrities and the wealthy. The power couple — who has been featured in top magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and GQ — are currently working on the second season of their reality show, “The Moscatels: A Family Full of Luxury, Love and Drama,” which premiered in 2020.

Meanwhile, Michael Morriatti, an entertainment executive and angel investor, aims to combine the best of entertainment and technology. He recently launched Envisioned Capital, a venture firm that invests in promising projects in the entertainment and tech worlds. “I’ve always been fascinated by the impact of these two industries, so I dedicated myself to finding the most disruptive stars in entertainment and the most innovative technology companies,” says Morriatti, who shares that his goal is to build strong representation for future names in entertainment and produce top content in immersive ways by using the latest technology and formats.

Creating Spaces in Real Estate

Jack Guttman, managing partner of the real estate development company Glasshouses, believes in creating unique and innovative venues for corporate, social and non-profit events. Guttman has developed apartments, office buildings, retail spaces, single-family homes, industrial properties, hotels, senior housing and self-storage facilities. One of his early accomplishments was developing the Chelsea Arts Tower in Manhattan. Guttman says he envisions a future where Glasshouses becomes synonymous with beautifully designed, luxurious spaces as well as functional real estate for generations to come.

Sean K. DeMarco, who became a millionaire before the age of 30, believes real estate is the key to generational wealth. After years of studying and investing in the industry, DeMarco used his sizeable real estate portfolio to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. DeMarco runs DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. and DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC, which are estimated to be valued at over seven figures.

Pioneering in Web3 and Blockchain

Brian D. Evans helps early-stage entrepreneurs turn great ideas into successful businesses. As the founder of the advisory firm BDE Ventures, he identifies and leads opportunities in the Web3 and video game spaces. Evans, an ambassador for blockchain projects, also enjoys mentoring and advising young entrepreneurs through Affinity Collective. Evans and his team help partners with ideation, strategy, networking, marketing and funding to turn Web3 and blockchain projects into powerhouse businesses. “Disruptive technology like crypto and blockchain will be reaching the mainstream more and more in coming years, and I’m excited to help companies navigate the space,” says Evans, who will be featured as a judge in the upcoming show “The Next Crypto Gem.”

Similarly, Guy Sheetrit is on a mission to find exciting blockchain projects. Recognized by Inc.com, Money.com and USA Today as an expert in the cryptocurrency field, Sheetrit is the founder and CEO of Over The Top SEO (OTT) and was an early investor in several cryptocurrencies. Sheetrit has established himself in the crypto and SEO industries with his marketing strategies and, in the last five years, has generated over $1 million for his clients. Representing leading brands such as TedX, SkyScanner.com, FindUSNow.com, CryptoExchange.com and Hot.com, Sheetrit specializes in a range of digital platforms such as the metaverse, blockchain and NFTs.

Paving the Way in Marketing

Over the last 12 years, Kristina Centnere has built a collective of three marketing agencies: SocialCow®, getclout agency™ and SellTheBrain®. The latter utilizes neuromarketing — an implementation of neuropsychology in market research used by brands like Cheetos® and PayPal® — to help brands make profitable decisions about marketing assets, pricing and even which outfits create desirable reactions. Centnere presented a TEDx Talk on neuromarketing in 2022, a neuro-analysis technique she used in developing the packaging and branding for her wellness and skincare brand, MOOD. Stay tuned to Centnere’s neuro-focused approach to marketing and expanding her wellness line here.

Another leader who uses marketing to get noticed is marketing guru Emily Bloom, who made a name for herself by building one of Canada’s most-known sunless spray tanning brands. Bloom applied marketing tactics that drove demand for her services, leading to the successful sale of her business in 2022. “My approach is centered around understanding my target audience’s needs, motivations, pain points and preferences, and always staying current with industry trends,” she says. She is driven by creativity and innovation, which led to the creation of Emily Bloom Official, where she provides mentorship for beauty brands and digital marketing consulting.

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