Follow the Leader: Adorable Echidnas Make a 'Love Train'

Helen Gray of Trundle, New South Wales, lucked out two days in a row when she spied a single echidna on August 19, then a whole trio of the creatures on August 20.

Gray recorded both of her echidna encounters and posted the videos on her Instagram account.

The three echidnas on August 20 marched in single file, a very particular formation that is actually a part of their courtship process.

“This delightful phenomena is called an echidna love train, and occurs during the breeding months during winter in Australia. The trains are on average three to five echidnas long. It’s unusual to be so lucky to see them and film them like this,” Gray said.

The female echidna leads the love train while the males follow behind, walking until there is only one left, according to Australian Geographic. Credit: Helen Gray via Storyful

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