Lea Michele says she keeps a lock of her son’s hair in her safe

Lea Michele has revealed she only keeps two things in her safe, including a lock of her son’s hair.

The Glee star, 36, took over the role of Fanny Brice from Beanie Feldstein in Broadway’s Funny Girl revival last September.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday (13 January), Michele also recounted receiving a letter from Barbara Streisand – who first played the role – that “gave me the thumbs-up” over her performance.

“I cried, I filmed myself opening it. It literally was a gold envelope. It flew in on doves,” Michele quipped. “

When Fallon asked the actor where the letter was, and whether she was going to frame it, Michele replied she “put it in my safe at home” which only contains one other thing – a lock of her son Ever Leo’s hair after his first haircut.

Michele gave birth to Ever in August 2020. At the time, she shared a photograph of herself and husband Zandy Reich holding the baby’s foot on Instagram.

She said: “The only thing I have in my safe is a letter from Barbra Streisand and my son’s, the first hair we cut from his haircut. So it’s my son’s hair and a letter from Barbra Streisand, and that’s where it’s gonna stay.”

During the interview, Michele also told Jimmy Fallon she’s “a little too superstitious”, after the host pointed out that it was Friday the 13th.

She said she realised that 90 per cent of her bag is just “weird good luck charms, and things that I have to lug around with me” during a recent dinner with her Spring Awakening co-stars John Gallagher and Jonathan Groff, who sobbed through Michele’s debut as Fanny Brice.

“I have a race car of my son’s in there, I have a Christmas ornament that my mom gave me,” Michele told Fallon.

Michele and Reich first began dating in 2017, before getting engaged in April 2018. The couple married in March 2019 in Northern California.