LE SSERAFIM members and 'Overwatch 2' characters collide in new music video


Game developer Blizzard Entertainment has joined forces with South Korean girl group LE SSERAFIM, debuting a vibrant music video for their latest single, "Perfect Night."

Music and gaming fusion: Announced by Blizzard Entertainment on Oct. 19, the company’s first-ever musical collaboration features exclusive in-game content for "Overwatch 2," its popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game, and music from the K-pop sensation, composed of Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, and Hong Eunchae. LE SSERAFIM's "Perfect Night" serves as the soundtrack to the video game collaboration.

About the music video: The music video, which made its world premiere on Thursday evening, portrays some of the game's female characters, including D.Va, Tracer, Brigitte and Kiriko, preparing to attend a LE SSERAFIM concert. Their journey is filled with unexpected obstacles, including a traffic jam and an encounter with the cunning Sombra. However, the Overwatch heroes unite to ensure a memorable night.

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Beyond the music video: Gamers can also anticipate a LE SSERAFIM-inspired custom game mode within "Overwatch 2," in addition to exclusive in-game items, including legendary hero skins. The full details of these in-game events and items are scheduled for release on Oct. 30, with content set to go live in "Overwatch 2" on Nov. 1.

LE SSERAFIM is also set to perform "Perfect Night" at BlizzCon 2023's BlizzCon Arena on Nov. 4 following the Community Night, an event dedicated to fans of both LE SSERAFIM and" Overwatch 2."

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