LBC radio host Iain Dale quits to run as candidate in general election

Iain Dale, the LBC radio presenter, has announced he is quitting to run as a candidate in the general election on 4 July.

Sky News understands Dale, 61, will be trying to become the Tory candidate in Tunbridge Wells.

He previously tried to enter parliament at the 2005 election but lost in Norfolk North.

The broadcaster announced his decision live on LBC on Tuesday evening, saying: "I am putting my hat in the ring again to be a candidate at the general election.

"Whatever the result, I feel I can play a role in restoring trust and honesty in politics.

"There are no guarantees I will be selected, let alone elected, but I know that I would forever kick myself if I didn't at least have a go."

Dale also said he had two ambitions in life - to be a radio presenter and an MP.

"You know how much politics means to me," he added.

But he conceded it did not go well when he last stood as a candidate in 2005, saying: "Last time I tried, the electorate fought back."

Dale joined LBC in 2010. He has presented four general election night shows for the station, along with two American presidential election programmes, and the radio station's Scottish and Brexit referendum result shows.

Tom Cheal, LBC's senior managing editor, described Dale as a "world-class broadcaster" who had been "hugely important" to the station.