Lawyer says Jones' Sandy Hook lies raked in millions

STORY: "This is the matter of Lafferty versus Jones, commencing trial."

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones made money from telling destructive lies about the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting.

That’s according to a lawyer for the victims of the massacre, Christopher Mattei, who addresses the court about 20 miles from the elementary school, stressing that it was important to stop Jones’s lies:

"Have you heard about the latest pandemic, intentionally released upon you, to depopulate you? Have you heard about falling fertility rates? The government trying to lower your sex drive so you have fewer children. Have you heard about mass shootings? Government operations as a pretext to take away your guns. Every day, something new to be afraid of."

Mattei also played a clip of Alex Jones from his show Infowars.

Mattei says the show drew millions of followers with bogus claims about Sandy Hook, and made as much as $800,000 a day selling supplements, doomsday supplies and other products.

"I said they are launching attacks. They're getting ready. I can see that warming up with Obama. They've got a bigger majority in the Congress now, in the Senate. They are going to come after our guns, look for mass shootings. And then magically, it happens. They are coming. They are coming. They are coming."

Jurors will decide how much in damages Jones owes the thirteen family members of victims as well as one FBI agent for claiming the massacre was a hoax.

Jones' lawyer Norman Pattis countered during his opening statement that the families were "exaggerating their harm for political reasons" and viewing a big damages award as a "weapon" to silence Infowars.

“We claim that their claims are exaggerated. And if they can prove to you that he’s caused them all the harm they claim, then give them a sum that compensates for that.”

A lawyer for Jones has said he will seek to reduce the roughly 45 million dollar punitive damages component to 1.5 million.