Laurence Fox tells Nike to ‘leave our flag alone’ at protest rally

Laurence Fox told Nike to “leave our flag alone” as he addressed a small group of protesters outside Downing Street.

The England shirt’s manufacturer has altered the appearance of the St George’s Cross using purple and blue horizontal stripes in what it called a “playful update” to the shirt ahead of Euro 2024.

However, the decision has proven controversial, with both Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer criticising the change.

Fox, who plans to stand as the Reclaim Party candidate in this year’s London mayoral election, also took aim at the shirt.

He referenced under-21s England football star Harvey Elliott, who played with his collar turned up against Azerbaijan on Saturday.

Rally for British Culture protest
Fox posed with a banner that read ‘Lee (Anderson) and Suella (Braverman) were right’

Elliott’s decision led some commentators to wonder if it was an effort to hide the controversial new cross on the kit.

“Good on Harvey Elliott for having his collar up all of yesterday during the game,” Fox said.

“Leave our flag alone.”

Organised by Turning Point UK, around 100 people attended the “rally for British culture” in Westminster on Saturday.

Attendees sang the national anthem and waved Union flags and England flags.

The crowd also chanted “get Sadiq (Khan) out” and “the new right rises”.

Fox spoke about the importance of free speech.

“We value free speech because we understand that without free speech there are no other freedoms,” he said.

“Day after day, week after week, our great culture is being eroded.

“Our confidence is being demoralised, children are taught to feel guilty for the wrongs of the past. We are ordered to be ashamed and even hate ourselves for being the tolerant nation we have become.”

He said that if he was nominated for London Mayor “you will never see another pride flag in this sodding town again”.

Fox posed with a banner that read “Lee (Anderson) and Suella (Braverman) were right.”

During the rally, there was an altercation between police and a small number of attendees over drinking in public.

Officers confiscated their alcohol and the event continued without further incident.