Lauren Jauregui says being on the red carpet used to give her anxiety

Lauren Jauregui has responded to a resurfaced video of herself on the red carpet in 2015 while she was still a member of pop group Fifth Harmony.

The video, which was shared on Twitter on Tuesday (22 November) and has received more than 60,000 likes, shows Jauregui pleading with fellow band members to let her stand on the far right of the group for their photographs.

At the time, Normani, Camilla Cabello, Ally Brooke and Dinah Jane were all members.

The short clip was taken during the red carpet at Latina Media Ventures’ Hot List party in 2015.

It shows Jauregui looking visibly distressed as she asks Jane to switch sides. She motions to her hair, suggesting that she needs to stand on the right side as her hair is parted in that direction. In response, Jane appears to shake her head.

“It looks like she just learned someone was in critical condition and wasnt gonna to make it,” Twitter user @blizzy_mcguire captioned the post.

Jauregui has since responded to the tweet and revealed that she used to get anxiety during red carpet appearances.

“My angle was in critical condition,” Jauregui said.

“I’m so grateful I could never stress like this on a carpet again [though], the growth (being on carpets used to give me anxiety lol).”

Photographs from the event showed Jauregui got her wish in the end, as she is stood on the right side of the group.

Lauren Jauregui on the far right of the group (Getty Images)
Lauren Jauregui on the far right of the group (Getty Images)

Replying to one fan who commented that they “hate the video”, Jauregui said: “Baby Lauren was stressed for no good reason.”

Jauregui remained a member of Fifth Harmony until 2018, when the group announced their split.

In an interview with Red Table Talk: The Estefans last year, Jauregui opened up about being outed in 2016, when pictures of her kissing a woman were shared on social media.

“I wasn’t ready. I’m Latina and there was that looming feeling of what is my community going to think about me? Are they even going to accept me?” Jauregui said.

“I know my family obviously accepted me but was that something they were willing to deal with on a public scale? I had family members who hit me and my family up when it came out.”