Lauren Boebert says she was mistaken for Nancy Pelosi at the Capitol: 'Oh Lord, I need some Botox'

  • Lauren Boebert claimed that a group of students confused her for Nancy Pelosi.

  • Boebert suggested she might get more Botox: "I don't think I've ever been so insulted in my life."

  • The claim came in the midst against a diatribe against a government funding bill.

Rep. Lauren Boebert said on Friday that she was recently mistaken for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by a group of students at the Capitol.

The Colorado Republican made the remark during a livestream on the conservative platform Rumble as she was railing against the passage of a $1.2 trillion government funding bill.

A majority of House Republicans voted against that bill, with some hardline House Republicans pointing toward federal funding that's going to organizations that provide services to transgender people.

"You want to be an adult, you want to spend your own money to change your body up, sure. You know, I'm a fan of Botox," said Boebert. "Okay, actually, sidenote, let's tell a little story here — I may need some more."

The Colorado congresswoman went on to relay the anecdote, saying that a group of students in the Capitol complex said, "Hey, that's Nancy Pelosi."

"I started looking around, it's me!" said Boebert. "Like, oh Lord, oh Lord, I need some Botox. I don't think I've ever been so insulted in my life."

Boebert is facing a tough reelection fight in Colorado's 4th congressional district — a more conservative seat than the 3rd district that she currently represents — after the occupant of the seat, Republican Rep. Ken Buck, announced his sudden resignation this month. That's on top of the "carpetbagger" accusations that have dogged her for months.

A special election to fill Buck's spot will take place at the same time as the June 25 primary election for a full term — and party insiders are set to choose a nominee on March 28.

Boebert has said she does not plan to run in the special election herself because it would trigger another special election in the 3rd district. That raises the possibility that party insiders could choose one of her current primary opponents to fill the seat in the special election, giving them a boost over her in the primary.

"They're rigging the vacancy committee to nominate the establishments choice," Boebert said on the Friday livestream, claiming Buck — who she dubbed "Ken Buckle" — is supporting a "Ukraine-first candidate" in private.

"Ken Buck is not well respected in Colorado's 4th district any longer," Boebert declared.

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