Laughing Toddler Tumbles in Rain Puddle at Drought-Recovering Farm in Victoria

An adorable toddler tumbled and then splashed through a giant puddle on April 26 after heavy rain fell on his family’s wheat farm near Nandaly in the Mallee region of Victoria.

Two-year-old Milo and his three-year-old sister, Mia, are seen in this video giggling and running through the mud before Milo jumps into the big puddle and is covered in water. The toddler hops back up, laughing, and gets ready to jump in again.

“18.5mm overnight was perfect. Kids seemed to enjoy it as well,” their father, Matt Elliott, who filmed the video, wrote on Twitter.

Elliott told Storyful, “The kids always hope it rains. When it does, they look out the window, yell out, and head straight for the muddy puddles.”

Victoria’s Mallee region was among those left devastated by Australia’s 2019 drought, however 2020 has seen a major improvement in conditions. “We’ve had 65 mm already for April. We couldn’t have asked for a better start. It’s great to see the region and the farmers so positive and buzzing,” Elliott added. Credit: Matt Elliott via Storyful