This Latest 'Virgin River' Update Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

mel and jack on virgin river
Netflix Shares News about 'Virgin River'Courtesy of Netflix

Virgin River fans have been eagerly awaiting news on season 6 of the Netflix drama. The show's official Instagram page posted an announcement, but instead of a release date for new episodes, they shared the launch of a mobile game. Judging by the comments, longtime fans of the series had some thoughts about the news.

Virgin River shared a preview of the game with the caption, "Now you’re the main character in Netflix Stories: Virgin River," and fans ran to the comments to leave their thoughts, namely that the news does not involve a season 6 update:

  • "We don’t want a game we want season 6"

  • "Honestly I thought that was going to be the trailer for season 6."

  • "How about next season already? 😒"

  • "Wow... this is unhinged"

  • "WHAT!!?? 🤦🏻♂️"

  • "Do all the characters ask how are you feeling constantly? LOL"

According to Netflix, the game, which is available through the Netflix Games app, serves as a "interactive season of the series … starring you. More specifically, it’s a narrative-fueled, character-focused game that allows players to influence and shape its evolving story through choices and interactions."

If the game is not enough to keep you busy until season 6 drops, rest assured, new episodes are on the way, but Netflix has not shared a release date.

Series star Martin Henderson posted a selfie from the makeup chair this week and told fans that they're in the "final stretch of shooting Season 6." He wrote, "Been a huge season with a lot of what I hope makes you fans very happy."

What do you think about the mobile game? Will you be playing?

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