Latest Overwatch 2 Patch Accidentally Broke Two Tank Heroes

Sigma is shown holding his floating rocks and staring down at you like you're an insignificant pest.
Sigma is shown holding his floating rocks and staring down at you like you're an insignificant pest.

Tank players are having a rough time in Overwatch 2 after the latest patch broke a couple of key heroes for the role. If you’re a Sigma or Doomfist main, you’ll need to switch to another hero or role for a bit, as one is broken and the other has been yoinked from competitive play entirely.

The patch was meant to be a bit of routine balance maintenance that also added the Starwatch 4v4 event mode, but it brought problems for the two Talon tanks that players are having to scramble around when they pick roles. While Doomfist most players could take or leave, Sigma is a pretty prominent pick in competitive play, so this has some far reaching consequences.

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Players are reporting trouble with Doomfist’s Power Block ability, which is supposed to reduce damage, slow movement speed, and charge up his Rocket Punch move as he takes enemy fire. However, the ability isn’t reducing damage much at all right now. I’ve seen Doomfist survive a D.Va Self-Destruct using Power Block with some overhealth build up, but now it seems like the move is just not protecting Doomfist from anything.


Sigma’s troubles are so bad that Blizzard has removed the gravity-obsessed mad scientist from competitive modes until it can sort things out. In the latest patch, players discovered that they could make Sigma fly forever by using his Gravitic Flux ultimate ability. Under normal circumstances, the hero is able to fly for a brief window while casting this ability, but since the latest patch, players have been able to fly forever after using the attack.


As of right now, Sigma has only been removed from ranked games, but the issue is still present in Quick Play. While the glitch is funny, it’s just as broken in non-ranked matches, so I’m surprised Blizzard hasn’t removed Sigma from the game altogether. It wouldn’t be the first time the team has done that, as Mei and Bastion were both pulled from Overwatch 2 after some bugs with their kits were discovered last year.

The irony of all of this is that Sigma and Doomfist are both the stars of Overwatch 2’s Star Wars-inspired event Starwatch, which launched earlier this week. Aim for the AI-controlled Doomfist, folks. He can’t block your shots anymore.

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