Last Of Us Season Two Set Photos Show Bella Ramsey Sporting The Part II Look

Image: Naughty Dog
Image: Naughty Dog

The second season of Max’s The Last of Us show is currently filming in British Columbia. While Joel actor Pedro Pascal is reportedly done with his part of the season, somehow, Ellie actor Bella Ramsey is still shooting their scenes alongside series newcomer Isabela Merced, who is playing her girlfriend Dina in the program. As such, some set photos are surfacing online, and in them we can see both actors in their costumes for what is likely some of the early season episodes.

The photos in question show Ramsey and Merced in a forest-like area. This likely means the show is filming the game’s early Seattle segments, in which Ellie and Dina are traveling through the wilderness on their way to the city as Ellie starts crossing names off a list as part of her revenge tour. Based on what we can see, there are some similarities between the show’s costuming and the game’s. Merced is sporting Dina’s red shirt, but is seen wearing a jacket with a rainbow stripe design. She also has her hair down, unlike the game version of her character, who is almost exclusively seen with her hair in a bun.

Ramsey, meanwhile, is seen wearing what looks like Ellie’s green jacket from Part II’s Seattle segments. They also have their hair pulled back similarly to how Ellie wears it in Part II, though it’s not quite a 1:1 recreation. Ramsey has a middle part and their hair is pulled back and out of their face, whereas Ellie’s in-game hair keeps some of her bangs more loosely tucked behind her ear while some stay hanging down.

The set photos are only a preview of how the characters will be dressed in the show, as changes can always be made on set and these pictures aren’t from scenes that will appear in the final product. Some photos show Ramsey in make-up, so these photos are likely between takes. But whatever the case, this is one of the first looks we’ve gotten at The Last of Us’ second season, which is set to premiere on Max in 2025.

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