‘The Last Of Us’: Josh Brener On Whether His Character Murray Is Coming Back For Season 2

Whatever happened to the ABC talk show host Murray from The Last of Us? Did he get a fungal infection that turned him into a zombie? Granted, he was a character well before the timeline of the show, but still, ya know, flashbacks. Plus, Murray was played by Silicon Valley star Josh Brener.

In an early episode of The Last of Us, Murray jokes about Dr. Neuman’s claims that a fungus could wipe out mankind. Dr. Neuman emphasized there would be a loss of control by mankind. Murray then in hysterical fashion after listening solemnly, called for a commercial break.

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We asked Brener if he was being brought back for Last of Us at our SXSW studio; the actor in Austin, TX for the world premiere of the crypto currency feature thriller, Cold Wallet.

“This is the mind of Craig Mazin!” said the actor about the series co-creator.

“My wife tells him (recently), ‘Josh’s parents are excited about how he comes back in the second season’ And Craig goes ‘……Nope!'”

Brener isn’t losing hope: “If everyone can become re-animated, it doesn’t matter how dead his body is!”

Season 2 of The Last of Us is currently shooting. Pedro Pascal told us at Sundance about his character’s arc: “Does it deviate from the game? That’s a good question. I think that they’re always going to find ways to build on the incredible source material that they have, and surprise us with how they can use that material in a different format like a television show. But I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anybody, and the truth is, I don’t actually have all of the information as of yet.”

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