The Last of Us episode 5 to drop early in UK following surprise HBO news

Viewers of The Last of Us are in for a treat thanks to the Super Bowl.

On Sunday (5 February), the fourth instalment of the video game adaptation was released on HBO, with the episode following the next morning in the UK on Sky and NOW.

When the episode ended, it was then revealed that US fans will have less time to wait than usual.

Instead of having a full week wait in between episode four and five, viewers will be waiting a total of just five days.

The Last of Us’s fifth episode will be released on HBO Max two days early, seemingly in an attempt to avoid a clash with the Super Bowl, which will take place in the show’s usual timeslot on Sunday (12 February).

This means that the episode will be available to stream in the US on Friday (10 February) from 9pm ET/PT (1am GMT). It will also be broadcast in its usual timeslot of 9pm ET/PT on the Sunday.

The Independent can also confirm that Sky will show the episode early, with a spokesperson stating: “The episode will be made available Saturday 11 February from 2am on Demand in advance of its linear premiere on Sky Atlantic Monday 13 February 2am as normal. (Further eps will continue as normal – Mondays 2am).”

Since debuting in January, The Last of Us has become a huge success, receiving much acclaim for its moving third episode, in particular, which featured Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett.

The show, which stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay in the lead roles, has been renewed for a second season.

Pedro Pascal as Joel in ‘The Last of Us’ (HBO)
Pedro Pascal as Joel in ‘The Last of Us’ (HBO)

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