‘Last Man Standing': Mike, Mandy and Jen Set Up a Livestream to ‘Show Colorado Voters the Real Vanessa Baxter’ (Exclusive Video)

Jennifer Maas

Vanessa Baxter is running for Colorado State Assembly and with a little help from Mike, Mandy and Jen, she just might win. If this whole livestream idea they’ve cooked up actually ends up being a good idea, that is.

In TheWrap’s exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode of “Last Man Standing,” which you can view above, Mike (Tim Allen) and Jen (Krista Marie Yu) are setting up a camera in the living room so that Vanessa (Nancy Travis) can go live and speak directly to the voters, a plan that Jen thinks is a “great idea.”

“Well, it’s today’s politics,” Mike says. “People want to think that they know who you are. It’s like inviting people into your own home. So let’s get rid of everything in the background that looks like it’s worth stealing.”

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That’s when Mandy (Molly McCook) presents Vanessa, all dolled up and camera ready. And if elections were decided based on fashion sense, which Mandy believes they should be, she thinks her mom would definitely win. Heck, Jen says she’d vote for Vanessa (and buy a cigar) if she was 18.

Vanessa is excited and Mike is too, telling her: “We’re gonna show the Colorado voters the real Vanessa Baxter — and none of the expensive lamps.”

But before she goes live, she double checks with Mike that he thinks she shouldn’t talk about “the issues.”

“No, no, no. Like Nixon did in 1970? He lost to Kennedy ’cause he was charming and handsome,” Mike says firmly. “Anymore questions?”

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Yeah, Mandy has one: “Who is Nixon?”

Here’s the description for tonight’s episode, titled “Along Came A Spider,” courtesy of Fox:

Mike and Mandy go to extreme measures to help Vanessa connect with voters in her State Assembly campaign. Meanwhile, Ed’s offer to split a baby gift for Kristin and Ryan leads Chuck and Kyle to wonder which of them makes more money.

“Last Man Standing” airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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