Larger electricity deficit expected in Kyiv on June 4

Kyiv on June 2
Kyiv on June 2

Restrictions on power supply in Ukraine’s capital are projected to be 26% tighter on June 4 compared to June 3, Yasno (Consumer-facing branch of DTEK power utility company) CEO Serhiy Kovalenko announced.

Kovalenko clarified that Kyiv residents will experience longer power cuts throughout the day.

According to him, the long-standing shortage of generation capacity in the national grid is exacerbated by two nuclear reactors shutting down for scheduled maintenance. Additionally, a high-voltage power line through which Ukraine imports electricity from Slovakia is also under repair.

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Earlier, power grid operator Ukrenergo announced that rolling blackouts will remain in effect across the country on June 4, as electricity consumption surges with rising air temperatures.

After three months of Russian air strikes on Ukraine’s power plants, a substantial deficit of electricity is all but certain to remain a permanent fixture for the foreseeable future. Since May 14, scheduled blackouts have been implemented in all regions of Ukraine.

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