Large hogfish in Belize 'hogs' the spotlight during scuba diver photo session

Hogfish are large fish that roam over the sandy areas on reefs throughout the Caribbean and other areas in the Atlantic ocean. It is a shy and reclusive fish that prefers to avoid being approached by humans or other animals. Scuba divers who are patient enough to close the distance slowly will occasionally get a close look at one, but the encounters are usually brief. They seem to be aware that they are prized for their food value and they are considered to be excellent for spearing and eating. This hogfish seems to be very comfortable being filmed and he casually picks through sand and plants on the surface of a mooring block in Belize while he is filmed. He casts a wary eye toward the cameraman now and then but he boldly swims straight up to the lens and even puts himself between the diver and the mooring block at one point. Turning his back on the diver as he looks for tiny crabs and mollusks, he shows complete confidence that he is in no danger. The hogfish goes a step further though when he comes across Peter who is intent on capturing a photograph of a juvenile French Angelfish. The elusive little fish is darting back and forth and Peter is remaining still to wait for the little fish to position himself for the shot. As if he wants to be the star, the hogfish casually swims right in front of the camera, photobombing the angelfish. For a fish that is normally shy, this lack of concern is remarkable. Several scuba divers who were exploring around this mooring block watched with complete fascination, laughing later as they talked about this event back on the boat. It seems that the hogfish wanted to "hog" the spotlight and be the centre of attention. This video was filmed at a depth of 10m (33 feet) on a sunny day with perfectly calm conditions. The sand bar between the two coral reefs provided a perfect spot to explore and observe fish, octopus, crabs and reef sharks. Scuba diving is a sport that opens doors to a magnificent and awe inspiring world. The animals are unique and the scenery under the waves is beautiful beyond words.

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