Large fire rips through government building in Indonesia

A large fire ripped through a government building in Indonesia this morning (November 7). The blaze erupted inside the Research and Development Planning Agency building in the Bandung City Government Complex in West Java. Footage shows the flames tearing through the roof as firefighters blasted the building with water. Flammable material stored inside was said to have contributed to the fire's quick spread. The local fire department said 10 engines were dispatched to the scene. Asep Priyatna, a security guard for the Deputy Mayor of Bandung, said: "The fire started from the second floor. The employees in the building screamed and ran to save themselves". He added that a meeting being held in the city hall nearby had been immediately dismissed for safety. Firefighters are still trying to extinguish the fire as of 12-noon local time. The number of casualties or injuries is still unclear.