Large Cardboard Fire Burns Outside Commercial Building in California

A cardboard fire sent large clouds of smoke skyward over Riverside, California, on the afternoon of Monday, September 12, fire officials said.

This footage, filmed by Sam Hallenberg, shows large smoke plumes wafting over the city.

The fire sparked outside of a storage warehouse, located at Opportunity Way, near Van Buren Boulevard, at around 1:30 pm, according to Cal Fire.

As of 2:55 pm on Monday, the blaze had grown to 10 acres in size, with one firefighter sustaining non-life threatening injuries. The fire’s cause was under investigation, Cal Fire said. Credit: Sam Hallenberg via Storyful

Video transcript


- Yeah.

- You're not putting that shoe thing in there. When I stand up, it doesn't hurt.

- Really?

- Yeah. I mean, not as bad. [INAUDIBLE].

- Got it.

- But other than that [INAUDIBLE] Are they knocking it down now?


SAM HALLENBERG: We should probably go inside.

- Us?


- Lot of fumes.

SAM HALLENBERG: You can smell something.

- I--

SAM HALLENBERG: Oh, yeah, your nose doesn't work.

- No, it's sensitive.

SAM HALLENBERG: Sense it-- your eyes can sense it, because it's happening in front of you, fool.