Langkawi will reopen to international tourists next month – but there’s a catch

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Malaysia’s Langkawi Island will reopen to vaccinated tourists from all countries on Nov. 15, but don’t rush to Skyscanner just yet.

International tourists can’t simply book a flight to Langkawi but will need to use a government-approved travel agency, just in case they fly with Delta.

“The agency will arrange their entire journey and they will not come directly to Langkawi on their own. So if anything happens, like [COVID-19] cases, the agency will be held responsible,” tourism minister Nancy Shukri told reporters yesterday.

Langkawi opened for domestic travel mid-September. While tourists from abroad won’t need to quarantine, they must stay at least three days and take COVID-19 tests on the second day. Those who stay more than five days will have to get tested on the fifth.

Tourists, domestic and international, have to be fully vaccinated to visit the island. Those under 18 who haven’t received a COVID-19 vaccine will need to be accompanied by a fully vaccinated guardian.

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