Landslide on Arctic Coast Washes Buildings Into Sea

A large landslide over 2,000 feet across swept eight buildings into the sea near Alta, Norway, on June 3, according to reports. There were no injuries reported.

Local resident Jan Egil Bakkeby told Storyful he was in his cabin about to enjoy some food when he realized what was happening. Bakkeby said he ran out of his home and up to much higher ground where he was safely able to record the incident.

The video shows a swath of land shifting and breaking off from the surrounding area before being pushed into the water of the Altafjord. Several homes and structures went with it. One person required evacuation, according to reports.

Police expected more landslides in the days following this incident and cordoned off the area, according to district engineer Anders Bjordal.. Credit: Jan Egil Bakkeby via Storyful