Landrieu says Biden has no concerns ‘about his mental fitness’

Mitch Landrieu, co-chair of President Biden’s campaign, said the president does not have any concerns about “his mental fitness” despite some worries from voters.

Landrieu responded to concerns some have about Biden’s mental fitness to serve a possible second term in the White House on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” NBC’s Peter Alexander pressed him on why Biden would not step aside to allow a different Democrat, who may face fewer worries about their mental fitness, to step up to the plate instead.

“Well, first of all, Joe Biden doesn’t have any concerns about his mental fitness, nor do I. I’ve spent an incredible amount of time with Joe Biden,” Landrieu responded. “That’s just a [notion] that the other side is pushing. Joe Biden is taking this country from being in a cataclysmic downfall to actually leading the world once again, and he’s going to continue to do that.”

“And he has built up an entire new generation of leaders that will govern this country really well into the future,” he added.

Alexander also asked him about Biden’s comments from 2020, in which he said he would serve as a “bridge” to a new generation of leaders. When asked what has changed now that Biden is on the ballot again, Landrieu said that nothing has changed.

“Well, nothing changed. Joe Biden didn’t say that he was going to be a one-term president. He said he was going to lay a strong foundation to build a new generation of leaders and, my goodness, look at all the incredible Democratic leaders we have across the country,” he said.

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