From Landing to Coronavirus Testing: American Doctor Documents Re-entry Process to Shanghai

A United States board certified plastic surgeon documented his re-entry to China from the U.S. which included long lines, empty health check stations and officials in hazmat suits at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport on March 15.

Xiaoti Xu and his wife left China for the United States in January as the coronavirus was spreading through various parts of China, and returned back to Shanghai to find themselves required to go through an extensive screening process.

After deplaning, Xu and his wife waited in a long line to be “checked” by health officials since they came from a high risk country, although they were not tested as they were not exhibiting symptoms and did not knowingly come into contact with any infected persons while abroad.

“The long lines were an inconvenience we felt was a reasonable measure considering the number of people entering China who are testing positive,” Xu told Storyful.

Xu’s video also shows various suitcases going around a baggage claim carousel as he joked that since everyone had to wait for so long in the health screening line, now they no longer have to wait for their bags.

Xu and his wife are in a required 14 day quarantine period before they will be allowed to engage with society as China is slowly starting to return to a sense of normalcy as the number of new daily cases has been declining. Credit: Xiaoti Xu via Storyful