Lance Bass says his twins ‘freak out’ when they hear NSYNC songs play

Lance Bass‘ twins may be only two years old, but they’re already making millennials proud with their NSYNC fandom.

Bass, who reunited with the rest of his early 2000s boy band to record the new pop track “Better Place” for Trolls Band Together, opened up to People magazine about what it’s been like to share the experience of having new music out with his son and daughter, Alexander and Violet, who he shares with his husband, Michael Turchin.

“It is very special. It was unexpected to be doing a song this year. It’s been incredible,” he said. “Unfortunately, we’re not able to promote it or perform it, which is a bummer. But it’s so great to be able to have something out there that my kids can enjoy.”

Bass continued, “I never thought that they would ever be able to see Dad on stage or hear a new song on the radio. So, when we’re in the car and the song comes on and ‘Better Place’ is playing, they freak out and they’re like, ‘Ah!’ And they know that that’s Baba on the radio.”

He then hinted at the possibility that NSYNC might continue to reunite in the future — and even record more new music.

“It’s special for me, for them to be able to hear that and see what Dad does. And, who knows? Hopefully, in the future, we’ll get to give them a little more,” he said.

Here’s hoping. Millennials everywhere have been fervently wishing for this for decades at this point.

But as much as we love Lance Bass in a boy band, we might love him even more as a dad. Later in the interview, he gushed about spending the holidays with his little family.

“Holidays are so much better with kids. I am a holiday freak, I live for the holidays,” he said. “With kids, you really make the effort and you see the holidays through fresh eyes. You get to do those traditions that you got to do when you were a kid, and it just makes you so happy to see them so happy. The holidays are just so much more magical these days. I love keeping a lot of the traditions that I grew up with, but I like trying to find our own traditions, which has been fun to naturally progress and happen.”

Well, we hope that the entire Bass-Turchin family has a magical holiday season that includes the little ones listening to plenty of NSYNC. If this isn’t what they recorded a holiday album for, then I don’t know what it was.

A version of this story was originally published on Nov. 8, 2023. It has been updated.