Lancashire Police Break Up Illegal Rave in Chorley

Lancashire Police said they broke up an illegal rave attended by around 100 people near Chorley on the night of March 6, with 12 fines being issued.

The rave, which was in breach of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown, took place in woodland near Healey Nab, Chorley. Police said “many people” fled the area when officers arrived.

Chief Inspector Phil Hutchinson said: “This party was a blatant breach of the current restrictions and it is unbelievably selfish for anyone to believe they can gather in these numbers when so many law-abiding citizens have not seen their friends and family properly in almost a year.”

This footage shows police approaching the area, with music heard in the background. Police then confront several people, telling them to come forward out of the wooded area. Credit: Lancashire Police via Storyful