Lake Charles, Still Rebuilding From 2020 Hurricanes, Rocked by Severe Floods

Lake Charles was among several parts of Louisiana hit by intense rainfall on May 17, as a state of emergency was declared and weather warnings remained in place for high winds or flash flooding.

This footage, by Sara Elizabeth Reddin, shows vehicles driving through floodwaters in the city.

The Advocate said the severe floods came as the city of Lake Charles was still rebuilding from hurricanes Laura and Delta, which struck weeks apart in 2020.

“The amount of rain that portions of the city of Lake Charles sustained today will absolutely eclipse what we received form Hurricane Laura and will probably come close to what we received for Hurricane Delta,” Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter said. “I believe we will have more homes flooded in the city of Lake Charles from this rain event than we had from Laura and Delta.” Credit: Sara Elizabeth Reddin via Storyful

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